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3-FPM, which is also commonly referred to as 3-Fluorophenmetrazine and PAL-593, is a phenylmorpholine-based stimulant and fluorinated analogue of phenmetrazine that has become increasingly popular in the realm of online designer drug sales. Structurally, this chemical has a terminal amine incorporated into the morpholine ring. It has been used as an appetite suppressant for quite some time, but it is also known to be susceptible to abuse. This type of drug is known to be psychostimulatory as it inhibits the uptake of monoamine neurotransmitters. It is also considered to have certain anorectic properties. 3-FPM is intended for use solely in forensic and research applications, and should only even then be used as an analytical reference standard.

This substance is considered to be a biochemical with largely widespread applications in Mass Spectrometry. Those looking to buy 3-FPM might intend to use it in the research areas of Neuroscience and Forensic Science.

Some more technical information on the compound 3-FPM includes:
Formal Name: 2-(3-fluorophenyl)-3-methylmorpholine, monohydrochloride
Formula Weight: 231.7
Purity: Greater than or equal to 98%
Formulation: A neat solid
Storage: -20°C
Stability: Typically no less than one year worth of stability
Despite the lack of knowledge on this chemical substance’s effects on organic specimen, including human subjects, many individuals have started to buy 3-FPM for use as a recreational designer drug. Those who do this might be seeking an experience either comparable or greater to that that is typically achieved through similar use of more commonly obtained prescription medication or over the counter substances.


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